Pyranometer EKO MS-80

Pyranometer EKO MS-80

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  • ISO 9060 Spectrally flat Class A + IEC 17025 calibrated
  • 5-year warranty and re-calibration period
  • Fast response time < 1s @ 95%
  • Exceptional long-term stability ±0.5 %/5 years
  • MS-80 with analog voltage output

The MS-80 Secondary Standard pyranometer was inspired by the combination of latest technologies and state-of-the-art thermopile sensors, enabling a breakthrough in unprecedented low zero-offset behaviour and fast sensor response. The compact sensor with single dome, based on a isolated thermopile detector and Quartz diffusor is immune to offsets and integrates all optional value added functions such as a ventilator, heater and different industrial interfaces. The heater and ventilator are recommended, particularly over areas impacted by dew, frost, snow, and dust.

MS-80 is designed with analog voltage output. The analogue MS-80 pyranometer can be used as a reference sensor to measure the global broad-band solar radiation with a high accuracy. With excellent temperature response and non-linearity characteristics, it provides optimal performance throughout the year.


Classification ISO 9060
Secondary Standard
Output Voltage (mV)
Sensitivity ~ 10 µV/W/m-2
Resolution -
Wavelength range 285 ... 3000 nm
Max. operational irradiance 4000 W/m²
Response time (95%) < 0.5 s
Response time (99%) < 1 s
Zero offset
(a) thermal radiation (200 W/m²)
(b) temperature change (5k/hr)

1 W/m²
± 1 W/m²
Non-linearity ± 0.2 %
Long-term stability ± 0.5 % / 5 years
Direction response ± 10 W/m²
Temperature response (-20 ... +50°C) < 1 %
Tilt response @ 1000 W/m² ± 0.2 %
Impedance approx. 45 kΩ
Operating temperature -40 ... +80 °C
Power supply  
Power consumption  
Cable length 10 m
Weight 0.4 kg
Protection class IP67
Warranty 5 years
Manufacturer EKO Instruments
Accessory Thies Universal Amplifier (Order-No. S05000)
MV-01 ventilator / heater (Order-No. S64060)

Delivery includes IEC 17025 calibration certificate.