Wind Vane Thies Compact POT

Wind Vane Thies Compact POT

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  • Potentiometric wind direction transmitter
  • Full range 0 ... 360°
  • High quality potentiometer 0 ... 2 kΩ

Measurement principle

With the help of a potentiometer the physical property is converted into an analogue resistor output signal. At zero the transducer has to pass the „north transition“ between the margins of zero and 2 kΩ.

Wind direction signal conditioning and data processing in all Ammonit data acquisition systems carefully pays attention to this speciality.

The wind vane can be equipped with an electronically regulated heating system in order to prevent ice from the bearings. To use this heating the connection cable must have additional cores and you should provide a sufficient power supply (mains connection).

Characteristic Description / Value
Measuring range 0 ... 360°
Measuring accuracy ± 2°
Survival speed max. 80 m/s, 30 min
Ambient temperature -40 ... +70 °C
Measurement principle Potentiometer 2 kΩ
Resolution 0.5°
Starting threshold ≤ 1 m/s           according to ASTM-Standards D5366-96
≤ 0.4 m/s        according to VDI-Standard 3786 Part 2
Delay distance < 2.5 m acc. ASTM D 5366-96
Electrical supply
Voltage Us:  0 ... 24 VDC
The supply voltage of the potentiometer must show a current limitation of max. 1 mA. An additional protective resistance is strongly recommended.
Resistor Rv: 15 kΩ @ supply voltage: 12 ... 15 V
Heating 24 VDC/AC (Power consumption: max. 20 W)
Connection 7-pole plug
Mast fixture Mounted on a steel tube with an inner thread of PG21 or mounted on a traverse with a drill of 29 mm
Material Aluminum, stainless steel and plastic (Housing and wind vane)
Type of ball bearings Metallic ball bearings
Protection IP 55
Weight approx. 0.4 kg
Manufacturer Thies


Sensor Plug Pin No. Ammonit Cable
Wire Color*
Meteo-40 Digital Supply
Supply Voltage 4 white Ax Sense
Ground 1 blue Bx  
Wind Direction Data 3 brown Ax+1  
Ground 1 pink Bx+1  
Supply 5 red   12 ... 15 V / 1 mA
Rv: 15 kΩ
Ground 2 black   Main Ground
Heating 6 orange,
  24 V AC/DC
7 violet,

Cable type without heating:      LiYCY   6 x 0.25 mm²
Cable type with heating wires: LiYCY 10 x 0.25 mm²
Connect the shield logger-sided to Ground (GND)