Wind Vane Thies First Class POT heatable

Wind Vane Thies First Class POT heatable

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  • Improved version of First Class wind vane
  • Robust wind vane for highest demands
  • No wear of the potentiometer due to mechanical stress

Measurement principle

The electronic emulates the behaviour of a mechanical potentiometer but avoids the wear and aging of the mechanical devices.

Wiring is compatible to the classic potentiometer wind vane to keep the high precision measuring constellation of the potentiometric wind vane when Ammonit Meteo­-40 data logger is used.

The wind vane is available with an electronically regulated heating system in order to prevent ice from the bearings. To use this heating the connection cable must have additional cores and you should provide a sufficient power supply (mains connection).


The surface temperature of housing neck is >0 °C at 20 m/s up to
-10 °C air temperature. At 10 m/s up to -20 °C the Thies icing stan-dard 012002 on the housing neck is applied.  The heating is regulated with a temperature sensor.