Wind Vane Thies First Class TMR

Wind Vane Thies First Class TMR

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Ammonit's standard is heated version. It can be used for both heated and non-heated system.

  • New and improved version of First Class wind vane
  • High level of measuring accuracy (0.5°) and resolution (0.35°)
  • Output: 10-bit serial-synchronous (compatible with Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers)
  • Measurement range 0 ... 360°
  • Low current consumption (3.3V @ 1.4 mA)

The wind vane serves for the detection of the horizontal wind direction in the field of meteorology and environmental protection. The axis of the wind vane is running in ball bearings and carries a diametrically magnetized magnet at the inner end. The angle position of the axis is scanned contact-free by a magnetic angle sensor (TMR-Sensor, Tunnel Magneto Resistance) through the position of the magnet field. As the sensor is operated the magnetic saturation, effects by external magnetic fields can almost be eliminated. The connected electronics calculated the angle position of the axis and provides the respective serial-synchronous output signal.

Characteristic Description / Value
Measurement principle Magnetic
Measurement range 0 ... 360°
Accuracy ± 0.75°
Resolution 0.35°
Survival speed max. 85 m/s, 30 min
Starting threshold < 0.5 m/s at 10° amplitude (acc. to ASTM D 5366-96)
< 0.2 m/s at 90° amplitude (acc. to VDI 3786 Part 2)
Delay distance < 1.8 m (acc. to ASTM D 5366-96)
Damping ratio D > 0.3 (acc. to ASTM D 5366-96)
Quality factor K > 1
Output 10-bit serial-synchronous (compatible with Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers)
Operating voltage 3.3 ... 42 VDC
Operating voltage heating 24 V DC/AC, 45 ... 65 Hz (galvanically isolated from housing), max. 25 W
Ambient temperature -50 ... +80 °C
Connection 8-pole plug connection for shielded cable in the shaft
Mounting Mounting on mast 1” (DIN EN 10255; 1”= Ø 33.4 mm)
1 ½” with separate adapter (optional)
Material Aluminum
Type of ball bearings Metallic ball bearings
Weight approx. 0.7 kg
Protection IP 55
Manufacturer Thies


Sensor Plug Pin No. Ammonit Cable
Wire Color*
Meteo-40 Digital Supply
Wind Direction Data 5 white IN  
Clock 4 blue CLK  
Supply 3 red   9 ... 36 V*
Ground 2 black   Main Ground
Heating 7 orange, orange   24 V AC/DC
8 violet, violet  

* Supply voltage for usage with Meteo-40 data loggers.    

Cable type without heating:      LiYCY 4 x 0.25 mm²
Cable type with heating wires: LiYCY 8 x 0.25 mm²